Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirement to borrow from your company?

The following are the requirements to borrow from us.

  1. A valid Passport or Social security Card
  2. A recent Utility Bill
  3. A Job letter – You should be working for at least 2 years with your current employer
  4. Recent 2 months' pay slips
  5. The applicant must be able to execute repayment via salary deduction


What is the monthly interest rate for your loans?

Our monthly interest rate is 4%.


What is the turnaround time for your loans?

Once approved you can receive cash funds within forty eight (72) hours.


How can I apply for funding from MicRoe Company Limited?

The application process is easy. Give us a call to set an appointment, present all required documents and be on time for your appointment.

To set up an appointment, call us at 223 1128 or 671 1128.


What is the minimum amount I can borrow as a first time borrower?

$1,000.00 is the least we lend to our first time borrowers.


What is the most I can borrow?

The maximum amount is subject to credit availability and history.


What is the longest term for first time borrowers?

First time borrowers are eligible for 12 months.


Can I refinance my loan?

You are afforded the option to refinance when you are at the half way point of your second loan.


Do you have a WhatsApp number?

Yes, we do. For any customer service inquiries feel free to contact us on our WhatsApp number 671 1128.


Can I make additional payments to my loan?

Yes, you can via bank deposit or online transfer. Contact us at 223-1128, WhatsApp 671- 1128 or email for the account details.