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MicRoe Company Limited is a new financial services provider initially offering an insurance premium finance facility to private home and motor vehicle owners purchasing property insurance cover from RF&G Insurance Co. Ltd.

Our loans are generated through RF&G, whereby upon purchasing an insurance policy or at renewal, if the customer is offered the option of financing their premium, and should the customer agree to the terms and conditions of the finance agreement, MicRoe provides upfront payment to RF&G in full to cover the insurance premium on the client’s behalf. The insured then repays MicRoe by way of installment payments over the agreed financing period.

The required down payment provides the equity to cover any earned premium from the inception date of the policy until the earliest possible time the policy can be canceled. The borrower further agrees that MicRoe has the right to request cancellation of the policy in the event of non-payment and to receive all unearned premiums refunded from the insurance carrier.


To be successful at satisfying the financing needs of our customers with innovation and integrity, providing continuity for clients, shareholders, employees and community.


To provide secure and innovative financing products tailored to the needs of our customers, making use of the latest technology whilst delivering a professional, efficient and personalized service based on a strong financial and ethical foundation.

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